Antiseptic stewardship - biocide resistance and clinical implications

Comprehensive scientific overview on 15 biocidal agents on their efficacy, their effect on microorganisms at sublethal concentrations, cross-resistance to other biocidal agents and antibiotics, and their effect on biofilm formation, fixation and removal. For 6 types of disinfectants or antiseptics used in healthcare, some options are proposed to reduce selection pressure without loosing the overall antimicrobial efficacy (

Springer Nature 2018; 694 pages, 22 chapters

Kompendium Händehygiene

Comprehensive scientific overview (in German) on the most important aspects in hand hygiene for healthcare and nursing homes; a conclusion for clinical practice can be found at the end of each chapter. The contents can be seen as a pdf on the right side. The honorarium for the editor and the authors will be donated completely to "Ärzte ohne Grenzen".

mhp-Verlag 2017; 440 pages, 15 authors, 26 chapters